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All contractors and Suppliers listed on VeriTrade have been vetted prior to their profile going live by a member of our team and are subject to additional checks.

Where possible we will aim to visit the premises of our new and existing members to gain an understanding of the business and its practices.

Here to help: We are passionate about your success, we may make recommendations that will support membership to VeriTrade or improve your chances of winning more work within the construction sector.

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Let Your Profile Speak

Every member of Veritrade has their own profile page which displays information about your business, the services you can provide and the feedback you have received from your customers. We believe a Veritrade profile is a great place to demonstrate your passion for service and your achievements.

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Connect With Members

Veritrade gives you the opportunity to connect with our members helping you raise your profile and create new business opportunities. Perhaps you have been using the same supplier and are unaware of other options available or you need advice regarding a new project, Connecting with our members is a fantastic way to improve your business.

What’s Your Rating

We ask for a rating/feedback from our members regarding the service they received. Our rating process has been developed with the aim to build healthy and lasting relationships between all of our members.

Pricing Integrity

All construction companies listed on VeriTrade can request information both technical and financial regarding the products, materials and services being used by a contractor on their projects.

Tendering Made Simple and Competitive

We only share tenders with members that are appropriate for the role, we believe this helps speed up the tendering process as well as increasing quality whilst at the same time lowering risk.

Who Should Join

If you work within the construction sector and are passionate about what you do we believe you will be suited here.

Veritrade was designed to support and showcase people who care about their customers and believe that great service grows a business, we ask that you consider how your current customer base would rate the service you provide before deciding to join.

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We Partner With Only The Best

We Partner With Only The Best

Match Members Qualifications To Your Requirements

Match Members Qualifications To Your Requirements

All Jobs Reviewed by Our Members

All Jobs Reviewed by Our Members

Warranty and guarantee transparency

Warranty and guarantee transparency